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  Is India stronger than China?(2)




  Shreya Kashyap, studied at Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra

  Originally Answered: Is India more powerful than China after getting membership of MTCR and NSG 2016?

  This is rather a very unrelated comparison. It’s like expecting second rank if we didn’t get the first and petulantly hoping that we are better than the first rank-holder atleast in some respect. I believe that both are two different things. We needed membership of the two regimes for two different reasons.

  MTCR - i) for the state-of-the-art technology in the field of rockets, UAVs with an eye on Make-In-India campaign in the area of defence.

  ii) high-end cryogenic technology from Russia to enhance our space exploration (i.e., capacity-building for ISRO).

  iii) significant foreign reserve with sale of our own technologies like BrahMos missile.

  But this doesn’t serve the purpose of NSG membership which India hopes would -

  i) bring investment in our civil nuclear space programme.

  ii) swifter sale of nuclear fuels like Uranium to boost our civil nuclear capacity. We have signed civil nuclear deals with various countries in line with the 2005 waiver. Yet countries like Australia, Namibia are hesitant to sell given our no desire to sign NPT and continued deferment of NSG membership. Alongside Uranium, we also need the supply of Plutonium to seed the III-stage Advanced Heavy Water Reactor which uses leftover from II-stage Fast Breeder Reactor and Uranium-Thorium MOX.

  Here, one-upping China in terms of MTCR membership is nothing more than a psychological edge. China has been constantly denied the membership due to its export-control standards and involvement with North Korea’s nuclear programme. Knowing China, it already has distinguished nuclear programme in the world. So, gaining MTCR membership versus its support to Pakistan and North Korean nuclear programme is probably a clever balancing act of China to gain one-upmanship in the field of nuclear capabilities and international diplomacy.



  MTCR - i)印度国防领域的印度制造运动需要火箭、无人机领域最先进的技术。








  Gaurav Kishore, lives in Sydney, Australia

  It’s a very broad question - so depends upon benchmark. For example - stronger on happiness index , democratic values , military might , industrial output , trade deficit, education ( graduates ready for industry) , productivity, per capita income , infrastructure, life expectancy, medical science, work ethics , human rights and so on.

  Clearly on a few of above parameters, India might be leading but it doesn’t imply India is stronger than China . Howver , in modern times, it’s the economic and quality of life related benchmarks are usually used to measure prosperity of a country and people. Unfortunately none of these two country perform well in evenness of wealth . As result , a large number of people on both these countries are prone to exploitation and inhuman conditions. I feel that even in multinational companies based in these country employees suffer servitude and exploitation which impacts their work life balance .

  So the right question should be : what India and China can do to achieve inclusive growth? In times when US role as global leader is diminishing , both India and China should work hard to get their mutual disputes resolved and take more role in global leadership.




  Tejwinder Singh, A keen learner.

  Originally Answered: China vs. India which is more powerful on economical and political Basis?

  Economically - China is stronger. The size of their economy and reserves is almost 10 times India"s. China's manufacturing surpass India exponentially. Even surging forward into services sector which is a cause of worry for India.

  International sphere:

  China has an edge in Geopolitical sphere due to its economic and military might that is second to USA only and will surpass in not too long a time. Size of the country and its geographical position also makes it strategically important. India is also not lagging behind by much and is resurgent to find space for itself there among the topshots. Soft skill projection via culture and a fast emerging economy , no one can ignore. India is seen as a counter force to China in the region and is trying hard to get a permanent UNSC seat.







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